Day 25 — “God Must be Rewarding Them and Not Me”


Today we’re fasting from the thought that says: “God must be rewarding them and not me.” One of the things that make us most unhappy is when we compare ourselves to others and to what they have. When we compare, we despair. So…


  1. God has enough for EVERYONE. Psalm 145:16 says that He satisfies the desire of EVERY living thing. His reward for one person doesn’t come at the expense of someone else.
  2. What do you desire? Freedom? Joy? Provision? A better relationship with someone? He will satisfy your desire. Ask Him to right now.
  3. SETTLE THIS: God honors His Word above anything. Cling to His Word, and you will get honored with it. Promotion, increase, and rewards will come.
  4. Get your thoughts off THEM, and on HIM. Fix your eyes on Jesus. He is the source of all that you could ever want or need. Every good and perfect gift comes from above (James 1:17). Look UP; not OUT.
  5. It’s easier to seek Him than you think. Seeking God is not about our effort. It’s about LOOKING TO Jesus as your source & discovering His way of thinking & looking at things. As we think His way (His Word), we will believe like Him. Our faith will soar! Manifestations WILL COME. That is what it means to seek Him.
  6. See other people’s promotions or rewards as a PREDICTION of yours. The testimony of what Jesus has done for someone else is the prophecy that He can also do it for you!
  7. Expect favor. Favor surrounds the righteous on every side! And you are the righteousness of God, simply by being in Christ.


God is MY Rewarder. I adopt His thinking regarding my life and situation. I fix my eyes on Him, and He finishes my faith. Favor surrounds me, promotion surrounds me, and God’s rewards surround me like a shield, in Jesus’ Name!

Love and Grace,
Pastors Dane and Tersia Mesane

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