Day 29 — “I Feel Stressed Out”


Today we are fasting from the thought that says, “I feel stressed out.”

Stress is a powerful mindset that we are going to dismantle. It is a collection of thoughts or fears that bear down on your mind until they penetrate you and control your emotions, your health, and your relationships.


  1. Know your enemy. The real enemy is thinking that you have to get rid of the enemy. Psalm 23:5 says that He prepares a table (celebration) in the presence of your enemies. Begin to celebrate and praise God in the midst of the pressure, problem, or bad news. That’s when it loses its power.
  2. The Prince of Peace lives in you! (Colossians 1:27) Peace comes from the presence of God, not the absence of problems. Meditate on the fact that God’s presence is in you and with you. Jesus said “. . . I am with you always . . .”.
  3. Your treasure is greater than your trouble. In 2 Corinthians 4:6–8, Paul said, “We are troubled on every side, but not stressed.” Why? Because he knew he had a treasure inside; the power to speak God’s Word and change the situation.
  4. Be certain you are going to make it. Uncertainty is a source of stress. Jesus had peace and, in Mark 4, He even slept in the midst of a violent storm. How? Because He declared, “We are going to the other side.” God’s words create certainty and certainty eliminates stress!
  5. You’re not under stress; you’re over it! You are seated with Christ in heavenly places—Ephesians 2:1-6. Live life from above—from God’s perspective. You’re above ONLY and not underneath (Deuteronomy 28:13). The battle is already won. Jesus did it all. Your fight is simply to believe that. That’s when stress leaves.


I am free from the power of stress. I don’t have to get rid of all my problems to get rid of stress. I have a table in the presence of my enemies. They have NO power over me. The Prince of Peace lives in me. I am certain I will make it. I am going to the other side. The battle is already won. Jesus did it all. My treasure is greater than my trouble, and I am above stress, and not underneath it, in Jesus’ Name!

Love and Grace,
Pastors Dane and Tersia Mesane

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