Deserved Versus Undeserved Favor!


“Oh, so you are one of those ‘prosperity gospel’ preachers!”

There is no such thing as a “prosperity gospel”. There is only one gospel in the Bible and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

However, when you believe the gospel of Jesus, which is based entirely on His grace, it will result in health and prosperity. In fact, the gospel of Jesus Christ leads to blessings, success, healing, restoration, protection, financial breakthroughs, security, peace, wholeness and MUCH MORE!

God blesses you not because you are good, but because He is good. God blesses you not because you are good, but because He is good. Grace is based on His faithfulness and goodness toward you.

It is not contingent on your performance, but is based on His undeserved favor. If it were contingent on how good you are, then it would no longer be based on grace, and would instead be based on the system of the law. It would be deserved favor.

This is the difference between the old covenant of law and the new covenant of grace: Law is deserved favor — When you obey the commandments perfectly, you will be blessed.

Grace is undeserved favor — Jesus obeyed God perfectly, and you will be blessed by believing in Him.

Which covenant are you under today? The old covenant of law or the new covenant of grace?

Deserved favor or undeserved favor? If being blessed by God today is dependent on your doing, your ability to keep the law and your ability to make yourself righteous, then there would be no difference between being under the old covenant of law and being under the new covenant of grace.

The good news would not be that good after all, since there is no real difference between the old and the new. God found fault with the old covenant (see Hebrews 8:7–8), and for a good reason!

Love and Grace,
Pastors Dane and Tersia Mesane

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