Message: “Part Six: Freed from sin” from Dane Mesane

Posted on 28 February 2022 by virus

Dane Mesane - 16 January 2022

Part One: The Good News

Paul wrote the book of Romans as a letter to the Christians in Rome. These Roman believers were mostly Gentiles who had received the Gospel, been born again, and we're committed to following the Lord. However, they were being troubled by Jewish believers who were trying to mix the Old Testament Law with Christianity. For years many of us had been sitting under a mixed Grace Gospel. As believers, we need to be able to separate the old from the new.

From Series: "Understanding Grace"

The book of Romans expounds the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to both Jewish and Gentile believers – it’s written to everyone! Anybody who truly understands and embraces the message of Grace will be forever changed in the way they relate to God. The revelation of God’s Grace contained in the book of Romans delivers believers from a performance mentality – which bases their relationship with God on their own efforts – to total trust and reliance upon the Lord, His goodness, and His grace. Salvation is all about God’s faithfulness – not ours! This revelation is the foundation for maintaining a close relationship with God. #understandinggrace #thepowerofthegospel #partone #thegoodnews #christculturechurch

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